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    Multifunctional salted cod air dryer— Best fish / food dehydrator

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    Guangzhou, China

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    Fish Drying Machine
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    1 set
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    FOB $20716
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    Plywood box
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    10-15 day
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    T / T
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    50 set/ month
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Multifunctional salted cod air dryer— Best fish / food dehydrator


SIBIONO codfish drying equipment

Heat pump dryer is a new type of high-efficiency and energy-saving drying equipment. Its working principle is to adjust the temperature and humidity according to the characteristics of drying materials according to the principle of reverse Carnot cycle. It has a high degree of intelligence. There is no need for special personnel to watch the drying process. After the materials are dried or the drying temperature reaches, the unit will shut down automatically to achieve energy-saving effect. The unit operates under normal temperature and pressure, and its characteristics are reflected in energy saving. Its energy saving is 50% more than that of electric heating tube infrared, 40% more than that of oil burning, 30% more than that of coal burning, and 1 degree of electricity is used as 4 degrees of electricity.

        fish drying equipment / fish dehydrator / cod air dryer

The secret of drying cod

The essence of codfish dryer is a kind of low-temperature air drying. Cold air drying is to simulate the natural air drying environment of low temperature, low humidity and high wind speed in autumn and winter in the thermal insulation warehouse to quickly dehydrate and dry the sea / fresh water products at low temperature, which is isolated from the outside air. The sanitary conditions are good, there is no need for dehumidification device, the operation cost is lower than that of hot air drying, and the excess heat is scattered outdoors through water or air, It can realize constant temperature drying with a temperature difference of 2 ℃ in the drying room. For seafood like cod, constant temperature drying is the top priority.

Introduction of fish drying oven

Food: Cod / Codfish
Drying capacity: 1500-1700 kilogram
Recommended model : DH-K15

Details of DH-K15
Power input:  19.4 KW
Power supply: 380V-3PH-50HZ (customizable)
Heating capacity:  52 KW
Dehydration rate:  45 L/H
Temperature: 15~75 ℃

Tray: 384 pcs
cod dehydrator / codfish drying machine / fish drying chamber

codfish dehydrator / codfish dryer / fish drying oven

Codfish drying scheme for reference

The technological process of making salted cod slices with cod dryer: 
raw cod storage → raw material thawing → cleaning → sectioning → peeling and trimming → pricking and water control  → salting → drying → inner packaging → metal detection → outer packaging → warehousing and refrigeration → shipping.

1. Storage and thawing of raw cod:the codfish shall be stored in a warehouse below 18 ℃. During thawing, the raw fish shall be put into the thawing tank and thawed with running water for 3 ~ 5h. After thawing, the fish body temperature shall be controlled at - 2 ~ 4 ℃.
2. Cleaning and sectioning: rinse with purified water and pay attention to removing the black film on the abdomen.
3. Peeling and pricking:  peel the sliced fish skin upward. After sectioning, remove the parotid bone, side fin, abdominal thorn, etc.
4. Salting of fish fillets: evenly sprinkle a layer of salt at the bottom of the basket, and then straighten and level the fish fillets into the basket. After the top layer of fish fillets in each basket is placed, the surface of the fish fillets shall be covered with salt, and the fish fillets shall not be exposed. Then cover the surface with plastic sheet and put it into the salting room for salting.

codfish salting / cod drying room / fish heat pump dryer

5. Drying: When using cod dryer based on low temperature dehumidification heat pump technology, the temperature of the drying room is about 21 ~ 25 ℃ and the humidity is about 30 ℃. The time for drying fish fillets is set to an appropriate period according to the water requirements.

cod dryer/ cod drying chamber / fish drying oven

Drying effect with cod dryer machine

cod dryer/ cod drying chamber / fish drying oven

Certification of SIBIONO seafood drying chamber

fish dryer machine / cod drying equipment / fish dehydration machine