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    Energy-saving Tilapia Mossambica Dehydrator- Fish Drying Machine

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    Guangzhou, China

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    Fish Drying Machine
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    1 set
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    FOB $37500
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    Plywood box
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    10-15 day
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    T / T
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    50 set/ month
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Energy-saving Tilapia Mossambica Dehydrator- Fish Drying Machine


When tilapia / fish meets the drying machine


The advantages of SIBIONO drying system

1) High efficiency and power saving: Only condensed water is discharged during the drying process, and there is almost no energy loss, so the efficiency is very? high, and the energy efficiency ratio (COP) is 1:4;
2) Operating environment: The drying effect can be kept consistent throughout the year and in any climate to ensure that it can be operated throughout the year;
3)Environmental protection and sanitation: Outside dust cannot enter, it is safe and sanitary, and meets the sanitation needs of various items;
4) Nutrient retention: Because the drying process is closed-loop and medium-low temperature drying, the drying effect can effectively retain food nutrients;
5) Uniform drying: The Drying Room adopts a closed loop method with strong convection circulation of hot air, so that the food in the Drying Room is evenly heated;
6) Simple operation: Using touch screen computer version control, one-key configuration of the drying plan, automatic completion of the drying operation;
7) Low labor: The food is placed on ventilated trays, and the heating air is circulated. The drying process does not need to be turned, saving labor costs;
8) Flexible customization: The board room and shelves are simple and flexible, and the drying capacity is large. Any number of hosts can be used side by side, and it can be designed as a board room or assembly line.


The component of the machine

SIBIONO heat pump fruit dryer is mainly composed of heat pump dryer and drying chamber.
Equipped with PLC intelligent control system, which can accurately control the temperature of the fruit drying room.


How to dry 2000 kilogram Tilapia?

Ingredient:Tilapia Mossambica or other fish (washed)
Quantity:2000 KG
Recommended model: DH-K15-2 (2 sets of DH-K15)
Power input: 38.8KW
Heating capacity:104 KW
Cooling capacity: 80 KW
Dehydration rate: 90 L/H
Number of compressors: 4

Drying steps

1. The first stage of tilapia drying is set at 45 ℃, humidity 30%, baking for 6 hours, shutdown and moisture regain for 4 hours.
2. The second stage is set at 45 ℃, humidity 20%, baking for 4 hours, and then shut down for 4 hours.
3. The third stage is 55 ℃, the target humidity is 15%, baking for 3 hours.
4. The fourth stage is 60 ℃, the target humidity is 10%, baking for 2 hours.

The temperature of tilapia in the first stage of drying should not exceed 40-45 degrees, which is not easy to crust. The drying process of tilapia drying is generally low-temperature dehumidification. In the early stage, low temperature shall be used to let the internal water out slowly, so as not to form crusts on the surface. In the later stage, it can be heated slowly until its drying degree meets the requirements. In the drying process, it is necessary to drain the moisture in time to avoid the taste change of the fish. Tilapia dryer is also suitable for baking golden pomfret, sea cucumber, oyster, eel, abalone and other seafood.


Drying effect display