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    Patented Hot Air Shrimp Drying Machine - Secret of Perfect Dried Shrimp

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    Guangzhou, China

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    Seafood Drying Machine
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    1 set
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    FOB $30500
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    Plywood box
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    10-15 day
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    T / T
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    50 set/ month
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Patented Hot Air Shrimp Drying Machine - Secret of Perfect Dried Shrimp

How shrimp turn into dried shrimp?

Traditional shrimps are dried by sunlight or boiler. Due to the great influence of the weather, it needs to be dried, put away and dried again, which costs too much labor cost. In addition, there are health problems. The traditional drying adopts open air drying. Therefore, in the process of air drying, it is greatly affected by the surrounding mosquitoes and dust, so the dried products are difficult to meet the standard. 
Our heat pump dryer can solve these problems well. Let's see the drying effect through the video.


The component & working process of SIBIONO shrimp drying machine

Commercial heat pump drying system is mainly composed of heat pump, drying chamber, trolly and tray.


The gas Freon is pressurized by the compressor to become high temperature and high pressure gas (temperature up to 100 ºC), which enters the heat exchanger (condenser) on the indoor side. The refrigerant is condensed and liquefied to release high-temperature heat to heat the air in the drying room.
You can see it visually in the figure below.


Details about drying 950kg shrimp with a DH-K30

Ingredient: shrimp
Quantity: 950 KG
Recommended model: DH-K30
Power input: 30 KW
Heating capacity: 108 KW
   Detials of DH-K30

Drying steps

1. Drain the boiled shrimps, spread them evenly on the baking plate, load them into the material truck, and then send them to the shrimp drying room.
2. According to different varieties of sea shrimp and river shrimp, it is appropriate to set the temperature of the intelligent control system of shrimp heat pump dryer at the medium and high temperature of 50  ℃ ~ 70 ℃, for about 18-24 hours, with water content of 18%.

According to the above drying steps, the dried shrimps dried by the shrimp heat pump dryer have complete shape, neat appearance, natural color and unique natural flavor.


Drying effect display