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    Small intelligent garlic dehydrator- spice dryer machine

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    Guangzhou, China

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    Spice Drying Machine
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    1 set
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    FOB $8500
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    Plywood box
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    10-15 day
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    T / T
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    50 set/ month
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Small intelligent garlic dehydrator- spice dryer machine

At present, dried garlic products are mainly used in the production of life condiments and health products. Processing garlic into dry products through modern technology can not only retain the original flavor and nutrients, but also soften the unique flavor of garlic before eating and greatly prolong the storage time.


Introduction of garlic drying oven

SIBIONO heat pump dryer is a new type of high-efficiency and energy-saving drying equipment. Its working principle is to adjust the temperature and humidity according to the characteristics of drying materials according to the principle of reverse Carnot cycle. It has a high degree of intelligence. There is no need for special personnel to watch the drying process. After the materials are dried or the drying temperature reaches, the unit will shut down automatically to achieve energy-saving effect. The unit operates under normal temperature and pressure, and its characteristics are reflected in energy saving. Its energy saving is 50% more than that of electric heating tube infrared, 40% more than that of oil burning, 30% more than that of coal burning, and 1 degree of electricity is used as 4 degrees of electricity.

Advantages of hot air garlic drying chamber

1. Convert normal temperature air into high-temperature dry air, and there is no pollution in the drying process.
2. Labor saving, environmental protection and energy saving and short drying cycle.
3. The color of dried garlic is better than that of natural drying. It is evenly dried and the garlic slices are complete.


Composition of garlic hot air dryer

The hot air dryer consists of the following parts: heat pump dryer heating dehumidification components, thermal insulation box components, hot air circulation components, intelligent control components, etc.
garlic hot air dryer / garlic dryer machine / garlic dehydrator / vegetable dehydration machine

Solution for drying 300kg garlic -- DH-K03 drying equipment

Food: Garlic
Quantity: 300-380 kilogram
Recommended model : DH-K03
Drying time: 12-18  hours

Details of DH-K03
Power input: 5.3 KW
Power supply: 220V-1PH-50HZ
Heating capacity: 11 KW
Dehydration rate: 10 L/H
Moisture removal capacity:20 L/H
Minimum temperature: 18 degree centigrade
Maxmium temperature: 75 degree centigrade
Tray: 96 pcs
garlic dehydration machine designation / vegetable hot air dryer

garlic drying machine / vegetable dehydrator / vegetable dryer machine

Drying garlic with spice dehydration machine

Pre-drying of garlic

1. Treatment of raw garlic: There are five steps: material selection, band cutting, peeling and slicing, garlic peeling and selection. The material selection needs manual operation. Pour the garlic on the table and pick out the moth eaten and moldy garlic one by one.
2. Peeling: The divided garlic cloves are also attached with a layer of garlic skin, which is closely attached to the garlic meat and needs to be removed before processing. The dry stripping process is adopted. In order to ensure the product quality, the peeled garlic cloves should be selected.
3. Dehydrated garlic slices: The peeled garlic cloves are inevitably attached with dirt and dust. These garlic cloves must be thoroughly cleaned before dehydration. The sterilized garlic cloves should also be washed with clean water and drained to prepare for slicing. Slicing is to enhance the effect of dehydration and reduce the storage volume.
4. Cleaning: The cut garlic slices enter the bubble cleaning machine again for cleaning, and the mucus and sugar on the surface of garlic slices are cleaned through the rubbing of bubbles. The cleaning time is 3 minutes and the water temperature is maintained at about 10 ℃.

5. Shake dry: The cleaned garlic slices should be dried by centrifuge to shorten the drying time. 
Garlic drying process

Spread the garlic slices evenly in the grid plate of the dryer, insert the grid plate into the material truck, push the material truck into the drying room and turn on the host. During drying, the temperature shall be controlled between 55-75 and the drying time shall be 10-12 hours.
The standard of dried garlic slices is: normal shape, pure white color and water content of 4-5%. The dried garlic slices are also mixed with some garlic skins. At this time, the peeling operation of air selection should be carried out.

garlic dryer machine / vegetable drying equipment / spice dehydrator

Dried garlic show

garlic drying effect / spice dryer machine / spice drying equipment