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    Grape to raisin — all-in-one stainless steel fruit dehydrator

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    Guangzhou, China

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    Fruit Drying Machine
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    1 set
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    FOB $20716
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    Plywood box
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    10-15 day
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    T / T
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    50 set/ month
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Grape to raisin — all-in-one stainless steel fruit dehydrator

Grapes can be eaten directly, brewed or made into raisins. The traditional natural drying takes a long time, the temperature can not be controlled, and can not meet the needs of large-scale production. While the SIBIONO heat pump grape dryer can accurately control the drying temperature and humidity in the drying process, achieve zero pollution, low operation cost and high efficiency. It is an indispensable machine for drying grapes.


Characteristics of hot air energy grape drying machine

Grape dryer is a professional drying system composed of air energy heat pump dryer, convective air circulation system, temperature and humidity intelligent control system, drying room, etc. With good heating, heat preservation, ventilation and water dispersion equipment, and very good sanitary conditions, the drying host absorbs heat in the air, works through the compressor to form hot air, evenly blows it into the drying room through the convection fan, records the temperature and humidity through the sensor inside, and then controls the drying temperature and drying time.
grape  drying machine / grape dehydrator / fruit dryer machine

grape drying chamber / grape drying oven / fruit drying room


Introduction of DH-K15 grape dehydrator

Food: Grape
Quantity: 1300-1500 kilogram
Recommended model : DH-K15
Drying time:  27-30  hours

Details of DH-K15
Power input: 19.4 KW
Power supply: 380V-3PH-50HZ (customizable)
Heating capacity:  52 KW
Dehydration rate:  45 L/H
Minimum temperature: 15 degree centigrade
Maxmium temperature: 75 degree centigrade
Size:8150*3000*2200 mm
Tray: 384 pcs
grape dehydrator / fruit dryer machine / fruit drying equipment

Grape processing steps

1. Fruit selection: raw materials shall be fresh grapes. Grapes with appropriate maturity, thin skin, soft meat and sugar content of more than 20% should be selected.
2. Finishing: generally, 1.5-4.0% sodium hydroxide solution is used for washing and decontamination to remove waxy and harmful microorganisms attached to the peel. At the same time, it can be  disinfected and make the peel have small cracks, so as to facilitate water evaporation and promote drying.
After completing the above steps, the grapes can be dried.


Grape drying techology

1. The initial temperature is between 40-50 ℃, the time is 2 hours, and the skin moisture evaporates.
2. In the medium term, a large amount of moisture will be removed and the temperature will rise to 55 ℃ for 10 hours. At this time, the grape dehydration rate is about 70%.
3. Dry deeply, raise the temperature to 60 ℃, strengthen dehumidification, the humidity is 55%, and the time is 10 hours,
4. The grapes are evenly dewatered, the temperature is controlled at 55 ℃, and the baking time is 5 hours. At this time, the moisture content of grapes is less than 12%.

grape dehydrator / fruit drying  oven / fruit drying chamber

The raisins with moderate dryness remain green, the meat is soft, and there is no juice exudation when pressed tightly by hand. The moisture content is 15% ~ 17%, and the drying rate is 3:1 ~ 4:1. The water content of grapes is large. Usually, 1 kg of raisins can be obtained after drying every 4 kg of grapes, and the dehydration rate reaches about 70%. Because the skin of grape fruit is very easy to be damaged, pay attention to handle it gently and do not squeeze it too much.

Grape drying effect with fruit drying equipment display

grape dehydration machine / fruit dehydrator / fruit drying chamber

Package and shipping of fruit drying chamber

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