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    Apple Dryer Machine & The Secret of Fruit Drying in the factory

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    Industry Fruit Drying Machine
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Apple Dryer Machine & The Secret of Fruit Drying in the factory

How do fresh apple slices dry quickly? In just two simple steps, you can make dried apple slices with excellent color and flavor.

1. Color protection: Put the cut apple slices in 3%~5% salt water to protect the color of the slices to avoid oxidation and browning.

2. Drying: the temperature of the drying room is set at 60+/-2℃, and the drying time: 6-10 hours

The best dried apple dehydration equipment


How to dry 800kg of fresh apple slices?
Recommend DH-K15 model heat pump apple drying equipment for you.
△ Heat pump apple dryer guide:   Choose 1 pcs DH-K15 heat pump dryer to provide 52KW heating capacity for the drying chamber;

△Fan guide:  Choose 8 pcs 0.55KW fans to deliver 40,000m³ of hot air per hour to the drying room to speed up the apple dehydration process.

△Drying room guide:  Customize a drying room with a size of 7000*3000*2300mm to provide a reliable dehydration environment for apple drying.

△ Tray selection:
1) Choose a 304 stainless steel tray with a size of 800*600mm, and all contacts are made of materials that meet food-grade standards.
2) Each tray can hold 2-3KG of fresh apple slices.

△Trolley selection: stainless steel trolley, each cart can hold 32 trays of apple slices.

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△Statistics of drying capacity:
1) The drying room can accommodate 12 trolleys with a total of 384 stainless steel apple slice trays.
2) Capacity calculation: Combining the above tray capacity, we know that 1 batch can hold 768-1152KG fresh apple slices

△Apple slice drying time and temperature:
1) Time control: 6-10H
2) Temperature control: 60+/-2℃

△Dry apple moisture content: 8%-14% (relative to drying time)

DK-K15 heat pump apple drying system introduction
△The structure of the apple drying system
1) Heat pump apple dryer that provides heat
2) Insulation and drying room composed of cold storage boards
3) Circulating fan to accelerate the circulation of hot air
4) Stainless steel trolleys and stainless steel trays for placing fresh apple slices
5) The intelligent drying control system controls the time, temperature and humidity of the drying process.
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△Apple drying system parameters(DH-K15)

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△The actual effect of apple drying equipment
The appearance of the apple dryer
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The internal space of the apple dryer

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Apple Stainless steel trolley tray

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Advantages of hot air apple drying machine

1. Environmental advantages
The air energy heat pump apple slice dryer is an environmentally friendly and energy-saving drying equipment. No harmful substances will be produced during the drying process, and no smoke or open flame will be produced during the drying process.

2. Automatic control
The air energy heat pump apple slice dryer can set the temperature and humidity according to the characteristics of the dried material, and has a high degree of intelligence. The whole drying process does not need to be supervised by someone. After the temperature reaches the specified temperature, the air-energy heat pump dryer unit will automatically shut down to achieve the energy saving effect. The waste heat discharged during the drying process will be fully absorbed by the high-temperature heat pump unit to further improve the energy efficiency of the unit.
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3. Energy-saving advantages
The air energy heat pump apple slice drying unit runs under normal temperature and pressure. In terms of energy saving, its energy saving is more than 50% energy-saving than electric heating pipes, infrared rays, microwaves, etc., 40% energy-saving than oil burning, and 30% energy-saving than coal burning. In the drying process, the heat pump unit generates cold air which can be directly discharged into the workshop. , Improve the working environment.

4. Diversified drying methods
There are various drying methods for air energy heat pumps. The air energy heat pump drying equipment can be customized according to the characteristics of the food, or it can be modified on the basis of the original drying equipment, according to the requirements of different drying foods.