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    Industrial lemon dryer machine - dried lemon with drying oven

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    Guangzhou, China

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    Fruit Drying Machine
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    1 set
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    FOB $36440
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    Plywood box
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    10-15 day
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    T / T
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    50 set/ month
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Industrial lemon dryer machine - dried lemon with drying oven


The reason for choosing SIBIONO lemon hot air dryer

Lemon is rich in vitamin C and is easy to be oxidized, so lemon slices placed for a period of time will be oxidized and blackened. The traditional drying of lemon slices is mainly by burning firewood or coal and fuel oil. The temperature is not easy to control, and the drying temperature is high. Because lemon itself contains sugar, dried lemon is easy to blacken after coking, which affects the appearance and quality of dried lemon.

lemon dryer /dried lemon machine / fruit dryer machine

Therefore, the way to solve the blackening dried lemon is to minimize its contact time with air and the oxygen content in the drying room. The drying equipment of our company removes moisture through the dehumidifier . Fresh air is not required in the drying process, so the air contacted by materials in the whole drying process is in the drying room, and the oxygen content is basically fixed, so the oxidation of lemon slices will be reduced.
You can see the drying effect through the below video.


Solution of drying 1000 kg lemon slices

Food: lemon 
Drying capacity: 1000-1800 kilogram lemon
Recommended model: DH-K30

Introductin of fruit drying equipment - DH-K30                               
Power input:  30 KW
Power supply: 380V-3PH-50HZ
Heating capacity: 108 KW
Dehydration rate: 80 L/H

lemon dryer designation / fruit drying machine / fruit drying equipment

fruit drying machine parameter / dried lemon method / fruit drying oven


Working process of SIBIONO heat pump dryer

1) During the fruit drying process, the high temperature and high pressure gas produced by the compressor enters the condenser to release heat, and the heat is sent into the room through the circulating  fan. The temperature will reach 10-80°C.
2) The air at outdoor ambient temperature is heated by the heat recovery device before entering the drying room, and then enters the drying room after heating. This design can save 60-70% of energy consumption and ensure the temperature stability of the fruit drying room.
3) The hot air is convectively circulated in the entire fruit drying room through a large air volume circulating fan to make the drying more even and thorough.
4) The fruit delivery cart is made of galvanized square material or stainless steel, which is resistant to high temperatures.

 fruit dryer machine working principle / fruit drying equipment / fruit dehydrator

Drying process of lemon dehydrator

1. Lemon needs to be cleaned before drying, including salt water cleaning method, soda water cleaning method or ultrasonic cleaning method. The main purpose is to clean and remove pesticide residues or wax. After removing wax, it can accelerate the drying process of lemon slices and shorten the drying time, so as to reduce the oxidation of lemon slices.
2. Cut the lemon into slices of about 4mm by hand or lemon slicer. Pay attention to the uniform thickness and the error shall not exceed ± 1mm. Place the lemon slices neatly on a ventilated tray and avoid stacking.
3. Lay the lemon slices on the tray. The drying temperature is generally about 50 ℃, and the temperature should not be too high, because the lemon itself contains sugar. If the temperature is too high, the sugar will be coking, resulting in the blackening .
4.The temperatures of the three stages are set to 45 ℃, 50 ℃ and 53 ℃ respectively. The moisture of lemon slices evaporates and discharges slowly during low-temperature drying, and the whole drying process lasts about 22 hours, which shall be determined according to the maturity of lemon, the thickness of slices and the drying season.

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Dried lemon drying by SIBIONO fruit drying equipment

dried lemon / lemon drying machine / fruit dryer equipment