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    Fresh Fig Drying Process& Dried Fig Drying Equipment / Oven

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    Drying Machine
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    Professional fig drying equipment
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    EXW USD 18000
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    Plywood Box
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    10-15 Day
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    50 Set / month
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Fresh Fig Drying Process& Dried Fig Drying Equipment / Oven





Fig Dehydration Process & Heat Pump Fig Dryer Machine


The initial water content of figs is 75%.
The water content of figs after dehydration is 15-18%.

△Fig drying process:

1. The drying temperature is 55℃, the time is set to 1 hour, the dehumidification does not start, and the focus is on increasing the temperature.
2. The drying temperature is 60℃, the time is set to 8 hours, the dehumidification is turned on, and the humidity is controlled.
3. The drying temperature is 65℃, the time is set to 8 hours, and the dehumidification is continuously increased, which can be controlled in conjunction with the time.
4. The drying temperature is 68℃, the time is set to 1 hour, the relative humidity at this time is controlled within 20%, and it can automatically stop after completion.

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Guidelines for Drying Figs Dry 1000 KG of Figs in 18 Hours
This solution can hold 800-1120KG figs and complete the drying task within 18-20 hours.

△Hot air fig dryer: Choose a DH-K10 ultra-high energy efficiency heat pump dryer, which consumes 10KW of electricity per hour and provides 35KW of heat to the oven

△Hot air blower: Choose 8 sets of 0.55KW air blower to deliver 40,000 cubic meters of hot air to the drying room per hour to quickly dry the figs.

△ Fig oven design: 6000*3000*2300mm oven provides a closed and hygienic dry environment for figs.

△ Pallet selection:
1) The oven contains 320 304 stainless steel trays (800*600mm), and all contacts are made of materials that meet food-grade standards.
2) Each tray can hold 2.5-3.5KG fresh fig slices.

△Trolley selection: The oven can accommodate 10 stainless steel carts, each with 32 trays.


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Medium and Large Industrial Fig Drying Equipment

1. Capacity can be customized: the size of the industrial fig drying room can be customized, and the fig drying room of 300-3000KG can be customized flexibly.

2. The dryer and hot air blower can be customized: the larger the drying room, the greater the heat and air volume required. Choose the appropriate heat pump dryer and hot air blower according to the baking room.

3. Intelligent control system: intelligently control the drying time, drying temperature, and drying humidity of each stage to ensure that your fig drying process is controllable.

4. Drying effect: the taste and shape of figs can be preserved intact, and the hot air drying mode can preserve the nutrients to the greatest extent.

5. Pollution-free: heat pump technology is used, electric energy is used as energy source, no waste, waste gas, waste water, etc. are generated during the drying process, and it is hygienic and reliable.

6. Energy-saving and high-efficiency: The power consumption is 1KW, which can generate 3.5-4.5KW of heat. Compared with traditional energy sources, it can save 75% of operating costs.

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DH-K10 Commercial Fig Dehydration Machine parameters

Fig drying process, fig dehydration process


Decrypt the working principle of fig drying machine


The air energy heat pump dryer is a new type of drying device. It mainly uses the reverse Carnot principle. The gas freon is pressurized by the compressor to become high temperature and high pressure gas (temperature up to 100 ℃), which enters the heat exchanger (condenser) on the indoor side. ), the refrigerant is condensed and liquefied to release high-temperature heat to heat the air in the drying room.

The materials in the drying room vaporize and evaporate the moisture in the materials in the form of hot air, and the evaporated water vapor is discharged by the dehumidification system to achieve the purpose of drying the materials. The refrigerant after condensing and releasing heat turns into a low-temperature and low-pressure liquid through the throttle valve. Due to the sudden drop in pressure, the liquid refrigerant enters the evaporator and will continuously absorb the low-level heat energy of the surrounding air and quickly evaporate into a gaseous state, and the refrigerant that has absorbed a certain energy will return To the compressor, enter the next cycle. In this way, the continuous circulation of the refrigerant realizes the transfer of the heat in the air to the drying room to heat the air temperature in the room.