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    Multifunctional Cranberry Dryer - Food Dehydrator Manufacturer

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    Guangzhou, China

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    Fruit Drying Machine
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    1 set
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    FOB $14444
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    Plywood box
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    10-15 day
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    50 set/ month
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Multifunctional Cranberry Dryer - Food Dehydrator Manufacturer

Dried Cranberry is made by partially dehydrating fresh cranberries. Its process is similar to making grapes into raisins. It tastes sour, sweet and delicious, and is deeply loved by people. It can be added for color and flavor to various foods, including salads, oatmeal, cookies, muffins, loaves, breads and trail mix.。Dried Cranberries have many advantags. For example, boosts immune system, maintains heart health, relaxes muscle cramps, treats constipation, fortifies bones, combats urinary tract infection (UTI), helps cure anemia.
cranberry drying machine / fruit dehydrator / berry drying oven

Characteristics of air energy fruit drying equipment

The whole system of the drying oven of the main engine adopts SUS304 stainless steel inner plate design. The whole box adopts 30mm thick polyurethane insulation layer with good heat conduction effect. The patented air distribution system independently designed and developed has uniform wind speed and heat distribution in the drying room. There is no dead angle when drying at 360 ℃, and the materials are dried quickly without mildew, reducing the drying time. Complete circulation closure and complete heat recovery can achieve zero heat loss in the drying process and improve the energy utilization rate, which is 33% higher than the average level of the same industry.
The following picture is the scene of our customers installed DH-K06 outdoors.

food drying machine / fruit dehydrator / fruit drying oven

Advantages of air powered fruit drying chamber

1. Convert normal temperature air into high-temperature dry air, and there is no pollution in the drying process;
2. Labor saving, environmental protection and energy saving, short drying cycle;
3. The color of dried cranberry is better than that of natural drying. It is evenly dried and the cranberry are complete.


Introduction of DH-K06 food hot air dryer
Food: Cranberry
Drying capacity: 600-750 kilogram
Suggested model: DH-K06

Details of DH-K06
Heating capacity:  26 KW
Coolong capacity:  20 KW
Dehydration rate:  20 L/H
Moisture removal capacity:  60 L/H
Power input:6 KW
Power supply: 380V-3PH-50HZ (customizable)
Temperature in drying chamber: 10-80 degree centigrade

fruit drying machine / cranberry dehydrator / food heat pump dryer

fruit dryer machine / cranberry drying equipment / fruit drying chamber


Drying technology of cranberry

Preparation before drying
Wash the fresh cranberries → cut them in half → dig out the kernel → load them into a tray → put them into the material truck → push the loaded cranberry material truck into the drying room → start drying 

Setting of drying stage
(1) Set the initial temperature of the heat pump dryer to 40 ℃ and the humidity to 10%. Strengthen the dehumidification mode for drying for 7 hours.
(2) Continuously raise the temperature to 50 ℃, the humidity is 12%, and the drying and dehumidification mode lasts for 5 hours.
(3) In the last stage, raise the temperature to 60 ℃ and the humidity to 12%. In the drying and dehumidification mode, dry for 4 hours.
After drying, check the quality of dried cranberries and sort and package them. 

cranberry drying / dried cranberry / fruit drying oven


Cranberry drying effect display

cranberry drying / dried cranberry / fruit drying room