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    300KG Hemp Dehydrator Machine & The Best Marijuana Dryer

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    Small cannabis drying equipment
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    1 set
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    $ 9000
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    Plywood Box
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    10-15 Day
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    60 Set / month
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300KG Hemp Dehydrator Machine & The Best Marijuana Dryer


The necessary conditions for hemp dehydration: 

The ability to inhale fresh air while expelling heat and moisture at the same time is a necessary condition for uniform drying of large amounts of cannabis.
Hot air hemp drying equipment, electric hemp dryer

The dehydration process of hemp:

1. Environment: inside a sealed drying chamber
2. Method: Heat dehydration without contact with cannabis
3. Heat source: heat pump hemp drying machine
4. Air: Hot air circulates evenly in the drying chamber
5. Evaporation: hemp leaves or hemp seeds evaporate water in hot air
6. Dehumidification: The moisture evaporated from the hemp is discharged from the drying chamber through the dehumidification device


How to dehydrate 300KG of hemp?
Recommend heat pump hemp drying equipment


The heat pump drying system of SIBIONO brand DH-K03 can dry a batch of 300KG hemp.
Analyze the design of hemp drying equipment:

1. Adopt DH-K03 heat pump dryer to provide 11KW heat for the drying room.The temperature of the drying chamber can be controlled at 18-75°C
2. The fan drives the heat to dissipate into the air, and the hemp is heated to evaporate a large amount of water.
3. Driven by the circulating fan, the hot air circulates evenly in the drying room (3300*2200*2200mm) to evenly heat and dehydrate the hemp.
4. Put the hemp on the stainless steel tray without turning over, and the dehydration will be even.


Hemp Dehydration Equipment Scheme Picture

How to dehydrate 300KG of hemp? Recommend heat pump hemp drying equipment


DH-K03 Type Hemp Quick-Drying Machine Parameter Table

Hemp quick drying machine, hemp dehydrator machine, hemp drying equipment


The Drying Effect of Using Heat Pump type Hemp dehydrator

1. Retention of potency: Cannabinoids can be completely retained during the drying process without affecting potency and quality.
2. Retain the appearance and aroma: Under medium and low temperature, it can be cured and retain the appearance and aroma of hemp.
3. Extend the shelf life: the dried cannabis will not be moldy, and the cannabis can be stored for up to two years without losing its effect

Hemp dehydration equipment, hemp drying machine, hemp dryer


Analyze the structure and principle of hemp drying machine


Structure of Heat Pump Hemp Dryer

The main components of the heat pump hemp dryer include condenser, evaporator, throttling component and special compressor.
Cannabis dehydration program, hemp drying machine guide

Structure of hemp drying system:

1. Heat pump: drying heat source in the drying room;
2. PUF insulation board drying room: built-in multiple carts and trays for placing cannabis, which is a sealed environment for cannabis dehydration, and the cannabis completes the drying process in the drying room;
3. Hot air blower system: to ensure uniform and reasonable distribution of hot air in the drying room and even dehydration of hemp;
4. Dehumidification equipment: The humidity of the drying room can be controlled by the console setting and automatically dehumidify;
5. Intelligent hemp drying control system: touch screen control, which can accurately control the drying temperature, drying time and drying humidity

Thai hemp dryer, Thai hemp dehydrator, Australian hemp drying equipment

Canadian hemp drying equipment, Mexican hemp dryer


Advantages of hemp drying system

1. Adopt heat pump dehumidification closed cycle drying method to save operating costs; no exhaust gas, no heat emission, no noise pollution, and environmental protection;

2. SIBIONO's patented thermal storage cycle heat pump dehumidification method broadens the application of dehumidifiers in the industrial drying field. The drying performance is more than 30% more energy-saving than ordinary heat pump dehumidification and drying, which greatly saves operating costs;

3. The medium and low temperature drying method is close to natural drying. The dried items are of good quality, good color, high-grade products, no pollution, significant energy saving, and more in line with environmental protection and sanitation requirements.

4. The material will not be deformed, cracked, discolored, degraded, or oxidized during the drying process. Dry thoroughly, rehydrate well after drying, reduce nutrient loss, and have a long storage period. It protects the color, fragrance, taste, individual shape and active ingredients of dry objects more effectively than any traditional drying equipment.

How to dry hemp, The secret of hemp drying, hemp drying method

5. The closed cycle drying method is suitable for drying in an inert environment (nitrogen, carbon dioxide, argon, helium), and is suitable for flammable and explosive items, dangerous and toxic items, items with pungent odor, and easy to oxidize. , Items with an unpleasant smell. Need to recycle etc. Materials containing volatile components;

6. Microcomputer automatic control mode, stable performance and convenient operation; using programmable control mode, different drying curves can be set to meet the drying methods of different types of materials;

7. Adopt international well-known brands to fully guarantee the performance of the whole machine equipment, Copeland compressor, ACLO expansion valve, etc.;

8. Set up multiple safety protection functions: phase sequence protection, phase loss protection, overload protection, high voltage protection, low voltage protection, etc.

9. The appearance design is beautiful and generous, and the unit occupies a small area.


Our service

A. Technical Service
a. Provide professional design and production services for drying programs.
b. We provide spare parts and technical support during and after the warranty period.
c. Equipment use and maintenance training.

B. After-sales service
a. Provide technical support for your installation, operation and maintenance.
b. 1 year warranty, support the cost of extending the warranty.

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