How to quickly dry 3 Ton of Chili? Solutions for chili dryer machine

△How many KG of chili can be dried by the pepper drying machine?
△What is the time and temperature of the chili drying?

This article is to provide a large batch of pepper solutions and drying guide.


How to Quickly Drying 3 tons of Chili ? Chili dryer machine guide
(3 ton fresh chili drying guide - Heat pump chili drying machine)
△This program can dry 3 ton of fresh pepper-spice drying equipment;

△ Heat pump: select 1 DH-K30 heat pump dryer, providing 108KW unit heating capacity;
△Fan specifications: 24 sets of 0.55KW fans with an air volume of 120000m³/H.

△ Pallet capacity: 8-10KG/pallet (1000*800mm);
△Number of trays: 384 stainless steel trays, the total capacity of the drying chamber is 3072 - 3840KG;

△ Drying room configuration: 8800*4000*2400mm / 100mm thick cold storage board;
△ Drying chamber material: the surface is made of stainless steel or common metal, and the sandwich material is cold storage board (PUF);

△Drying time: 20-24H
△Total power consumption: 43.2 KW / H

For detailed parameters, see below-parameter table.

Chili drying equipment & Chili dehydrator & Chili drying machine

Small-Scale Chili Drying Test Report

Description of Drying Test Report of Fresh Chili

1. Moisture content of fresh pepper: 66.35%
2. Moisture content of pepper after drying: 10.98%
3. The weight of fresh chili: 4.72 KG
4. The weight of dried chili: 2.05 KG
5. Hot pepper dehydration rate: 56.57%
6. Total time: 9 H
7. Power consumption (kwh): 8.1 KWH
8. Total power consumption: 72.9KW

Small-scale chili drying test report & chili drying equipment & chili dehydrator


Advantages of hot air chili drying equipment
1. The thickness of the pile when the pepper is dried:
The stacking of peppers is generally 20-30 cm. The stacking is too thin, has good air permeability and low wind resistance. Although it is beneficial to dry heat conversion, the contact time of hot air and peppers is relatively shortened, and the heat utilization rate is low. If the stack is too thick, the resistance will increase too much, the hot air cannot penetrate the material layer, and the drying effect will be poor.

2. The temperature selection when the pepper is dried:
How does the value of the hot air temperature of the pepper drying affect the quality and drying efficiency of the pepper? The composition of the pepper and the influence of several main components at a certain temperature are analyzed.

3. SIBIONO heat pump chili drying equipment uses air energy as the heat source, without burning coal or wood, and there is no waste gas and wastewater discharge during the whole drying process, which meets the requirements of food drying. Closed drying room design, the material in the whole drying process does not contact the outside, and the hygiene of the material in the drying room is guaranteed. The pepper dryer is to absorb the heat of the air and transfer it to the drying cabinet to increase the temperature in the dryer and achieve the drying of the peppers. As a new energy-saving energy source, air energy has low operating costs.

Advantages of hot air chili drying equipment

Features of industrial commercial heat pump chili dryer

1. Low price and low operating power consumption.
2. Simple to use, automatic drying.
3. The drying efficiency of pepper is fast, and the dehydration is fast.
4. Environmental protection, no pollutants are produced.
5. With high stability, it can operate without shutting down for 24 hours.
6. After the pepper is dried, the vitamins of the pepper are retained.
Good price heat pump chili dryer
Operating Principle of Commercial Large Chili Dryer

Parameters of Commercial large Chili Drying system

Parameters of commercial large pepper drying system


Operating Principle of Commercial Large Chili Dryer

How is the chili drying effect of the heat pump chili drying equipment