2000kg Sardine Fish drying solutions|Commercial Fish dryer machine

△ What is the drying time of sardines?
△ What is the drying temperature of sardines?
△ How big a heat pump dryer is needed to dry 2000kg sardines?

This article provides you with a guide for drying 2000kg sardines. Using a heat pump sardine dryer, 2000kg sardines can be dried in 11 hours.


2000kg Sardine Fish Drying solutions|Commercial Fish dryer machine

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2000KG Sardine-fish drying guide - Drying Machine:
△The goal is to dry 2000KG fresh small fish-sardines;
△ Pallet capacity: 4KG/pallet (1000*800mm);
△Number of trays: 512 stainless steel trays and 16 trolleys, the total capacity of the drying room is estimated to be 2048KG;

△Drying time: 11H
△Total power consumption: 53.2KW / H

△Drying room size: choose 12000*3700*2300mm, which can accommodate 16 trolleys;
△ Drying chamber material: the surface is made of stainless steel or surface anti-corrosion iron sheet, and the interlayer material is thermal insulation wallboard (PUF);

△ Heat pump: 2 DH-K20 heat pump dryers are selected to provide 140KW unit heating capacity;
△Fan specifications: 24 sets of 0.55KW fans are used, with an air volume of 120000m³/H.


The Effect of Sardine Drying - Heat Pump Fish Drying Machine / Dehydrator

1. The temperature of the sardines in the early stage of drying should not be too high, but should not be lower than 40 degrees Celsius in the dehydration stage, otherwise the water inside the fish body in the drying room is difficult to come out, but it should not be too high, higher than 60 degrees Celsius in the drying room When the humidity is high, the fish body is easy to deteriorate or be cooked thoroughly, which affects the quality of dried fish after drying;
2. Fish generally have a relatively large water content. In addition, there are fats and oils in the fish, which make it difficult to be dehydrated, so it is very important to control the dehydration speed.
3. The color of dried fish is very important;
4. Keep a certain amount of air during the drying process to avoid moisture staying on the surface of the material. The dryer system for sea fish and dried small fish must be designed with a large air volume, and do not be afraid of excessive air volume.

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Sardine drying machine & part of dried fish dryer
1. Use 10 cm thick cold storage boards, and there are insulation boards on the ground, which has a good insulation effect, which can save 40% of labor costs and 30% of energy consumption.

2. The system uses a heat pump dryer for heating, and the drying environment is clean, and there is no discharge of exhaust gas, waste water, and waste residue.

3. It has a controllable temperature and humidity adjustment function, high control accuracy, and can meet the needs of high-end markets. The system automatically controls temperature and dehumidify, and the product is in good condition.

4. The drying product has good quality, large output and high added value of the product. For aquatic products including dried fish, cloves, small yellow croaker, seasoned fish, pomfret, and anchovies, the appearance of dried fish is often the selling price.
5. Improve the efficiency of finished products and reduce the defective rate of dried products.

Sardine drying machine & part of dried fish dryer


Heat pump fish & sardine drying plan 
(Sardines-drying time and temperature control of small fish)

As far as the control system of the dried fish dryer is concerned, according to our test data.

For very wet dried fish, it is best to use the time mode to control the start of the dehumidification fan, so that it is easier to achieve a balance between dehumidification and temperature rise.

The reason is that when the humidity mode is used, it is difficult to obtain a balance between humidity and temperature, and it is also difficult for producers to define a reasonable current humidity at the current stage.
If the dehumidification is too frequent, the heat loss will be too large,
If the moisture is too little, it may cause the loss of dried fish raw materials.

The temperature, time and process of drying sardines

If the time mode is used, the temperature can be adjusted accurately. If the temperature is to be higher, the start time of the dehumidification fan can be adjusted shorter, and vice versa.

When the material has just been pushed into the drying room for the first two or three hours, the drying room must have a certain working temperature to force out the water on the surface of the fish body and create conditions for a large amount of moisture removal!

Most of the small fish larvae, especially fresh fish larvae that have not been salted, if they do not achieve a certain amount of dehydration within 5-6 hours, they are extremely prone to deterioration, odor, and production loss.


Sardines & small fish heat pump drying system parameters

Sardines & small fish heat pump drying system parameters