Fast & Efficient and Fully Automatic Drying Solution for Fruit and Vegetable Fish


△ How to quickly dry 1500KG fruit?
Which kind of drying machine can dry 3000KG chili in one batch?
△ Use a heat pump drying machine to quickly dehydrate 1000KG of hemp.
2000KG hot air dryer for small fish.


Fast & Efficient and Fully Automatic Drying Solution for Fruit and Vegetable Fish

The Small commercial heat pump dryer we introduced before has a capacity of 75-350KG, which is generally suitable for small factories or home production. If the total production volume of each batch exceeds 350KG, a small dryer is not applicable.

Different from Small heat pump dehydration equipment is different, medium and large heat pump drying equipment can accommodate a lot of stainless steel trays and baking vehicles, which are suitable for the drying and processing of large quantities of food in factories.
At the same time, the medium and large drying machine has strong applicability. It can dry fruits, vegetables, fish, seeds, mushrooms, hemp, seafood shells, meat slices, quilts, etc.

This drying solution recommends 500-5000KG large-scale industrial and commercial dryers for you to provide enterprises with the best batch drying production service.


Factory's Heat Pump Food Dryer - Test Machine

Minimum specifications:
DH-K03 Heat pump food dryer + 3300×2200×2200mm drying chamber, which can hold 96 stainless steel trays (Tray size: 800 × 600 × 50mm).
Maximum specifications:
2 unit DH-K15 Heat pump food dryer + 11000×3700×2300mm drying chamber, which can hold 512 stainless steel trays(Tray size: 1000 × 800 × 50mm).




Components of medium and large food drying equipment    

Medium and large Commercial heat pump food dryer, also known as hot air circulation food dryer. It is a drying system mainly composed of a compressor, refrigerant, evaporator, condenser ,fan ,and drying chamber. Based on the reverse Carnot principle, it can circulate energy from the air and transfer the heat to the drying chamber to efficiently dry the material (the highest The air temperature can reach 75-80℃). The conventional energy efficiency ratio (COP) value can reach 4, which is a low-cost and very energy-saving Industrial Food Drying Machine.

Components of China's hot air drying equipment


Working Process of Medium and Large Food dryer
1. The air is absorbed by the refrigerant dry evaporator.
2. Use Copeland compressor to compress to increase air temperature.
3. The hot air is condensed into water by the heat exchanger (condenser), and the high temperature gas is discharged into the drying chamber.
4. The hot air is evenly blown to all corners of the drying room through the circulating fan, and the food is quickly dried and dehydrated.

Operation principle and process of heat pump dryer

Advantages of Medium and Large Heat Pump Food Dehydrator System

1. The use of electricity, the drying process is environmentally friendly, and there is no waste water, waste gas and other pollutants.
2. Easy to install and simple to operate.
3. Good drying effect, low temperature drying in hot air retains nutrients.
4. Intelligent control system, precise control of drying time, temperature and humidity.
5. High stability and long equipment durability.
6. Energy saving, low power consumption, high heat and low operating cost.
7.Can dry a variety of foods and products: dry fish, vegetables, fruits, mushrooms, peppers, hemp and other products.
△Compared with the advantages of microwave dryers: The equipment cost is low, the operating cost is low, and it can dry a batch of food exceeding 1000Kg.
△Compared with the advantages of vacuum drying machines: low equipment costs, low operating costs, and can dry a batch of food over 1000Kg.


Drying efficiency and effect of commercial heat pump food dryer

Selection Guide for 500-5000KG


The influence of medium and large drying drying chamber on the following three points:

△ Determine the number of trolleys and trays that the drying chamber can accommodate.
△ Determine the specifications of the heat pump dryer to ensure that there is enough heat for food drying.
△ Determine the specifications and number of fans to ensure that there is sufficient air volume for food drying.

The main factors affecting the capacity of the pallet are as follows:

△ The weight difference of different foods;
△ Different food placement methods are different. Some foods can be stacked, and some foods cannot be stacked;
△ Different processing specifications of the same kind of food, slicing, dicing, thickness difference, etc.

Examples of 800 * 600mm pallet capacity:

△ Chili: 6-8kg / trays
△ Mango chips: 2-3kg / trays
△ Hemp : 3-4kg / trays
△ Fish: 3-5kg / trays

How to choose the dryer that suits me
Case:Mango Dryer Test Report-Heat Pump Mango Dryer

Mango drying test report-heat pump mango dryer


Nutritional Changes During Food Drying in Drying Chamber

△ Vitamin-A: It is basically retained under the control of medium and low temperature;
△ Vitamin-C: baking at medium and low temperature can retain part of Vitamin C;
△ Calories: Calories will be concentrated into a smaller mass during the drying process, but will not be lost;
△ Fiber element: Will not be affected by drying;
△ Minerals: Loss of minerals to a certain extent.

The drying effect of China's drying equipment-heat pump drying machine