1000KG Mango Drying Solutions-Commercial Fruit dryer machine


1000KG Mango Drying Solutions-Commercial Fruit dryer machine

The commercial heat pump mango dryer is a professional equipment for drying fruits. It can quickly remove the water in the mango while retaining the flavor, texture, and color of the mango. It is the most applicable and most cost-effective drying equipment on the market.

Different from the small heat pump hot air circulation dryer, this large heat pump drying system can be customized for a large drying room, which can accommodate more baking vehicles and trays, and is suitable for the drying and production of large quantities of food.

The temperature range of the heat pump drying system is 18-80℃. As long as the food is suitable for baking in this range, such a large-scale drying system can be used.

At present, it is widely used in materials such as fruits, vegetables, fish, wood, hemp feed, spices, mushrooms and other materials.

Heat pump food dryer & large industrial fruit drying equipment

1000KG Mango drying solution
Mango Dryer Design Drawing-Commercial Fruit Drying Machine/Dehydrator
Analysis of 1000KG mango drying plan:

△ The goal is to dry 1000KG fresh mango slices;
△ Tray capacity: 2-3KG / Tray (800*600mm);
△ Number of trays: 384 stainless steel trays and 12 baking carts,The total capacity of the Drying Chamber is expected to be 768-1152KG;

△ Drying room size: Choose 7000 * 3000 * 2300 mm to accommodate 12 trolleys;
△ Drying chamber material: Single-sided stainless steel is used on the surface to prevent salt water from corroding the wall. The sandwich material is thermal insulation wallboard;

△ Heat pump machine: Choose the DH-K15 model heat pump dryer, which provides a unit of 52KW heating capacity;
△ Fan specifications: 8 pcs 0.55KW fans are used, and the air volume is 40000 m³/H.

Sample test: Mango slice drying test report
Mango drying test report-heat pump mango dryer

1. The thickness of mango slices is 0.5cm, 1cm, 1.5cm, 2cm                                
2. The ripeness of mangoes is 70%, 80%, and fully ripe                                
3. With a thickness of 0.5 cm, the shape and color are best when dried after 8 minutes of ripening, without foaming, curling, and sugar precipitation                       
4. Dried fully-ripe mango slices are prone to foaming and more sugar precipitation    


Successful implementation of mango drying project-customer case

The factory in the video is a dried mango processing factory from Cambodia, which ordered several sets of mango dryers at SIBIONO.
In the video, you can see that the actual effect of using a heat pump drying machine to dry mango slices is very good, with bright color and smooth surface.

Mango drying system installed in the dried mango factory
Heat pump mango drying machine-dehydrator-dryer

Heat pump mango drying machine-dehydrator-drying equipment