300-2000kg Hemp drying solutions-Marijuana dryer machine


1. Quick drying guides and solutions for cannabis?
2. How long does it take for hemp to dry?
3. Large quantities of hemp drying solutions.


This article provides you with a solution for cannabis drying, which can dry quickly while retaining cannabinoids to a large extent, allowing you to quickly produce & sell high-yield and high-quality cannabis drying products in the market.



300-2000kg Hemp drying solutions - Marijuana dryer machine

The heat pump & hot air cannabis dryer uses hot air to quickly dry cannabis leaves and flowers.

For large quantities of cannabis and cannabis flower drying operations, the heat pump type cannabis drying equipment is the first choice. It is currently a fast mass cannabis drying solution, a batch of cannabis that can hold 300-2000KG.

All material contact points of the heat pump hemp dryer are made of 304 stainless steel, which meets food-grade standards.


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SIBIONO - Advantages of Hemp Drying Equipment


1. Dry quickly and retain cannabinoids: The heat pump cannabis dryer adopts medium and low temperature drying, which will not take away a large amount of cannabinoids. The drying speed is fast, and the drying can be completed within 6-8 hours on average. The advantage behind the heat pump hemp drying equipment is that you have higher quality dry hemp and faster drying efficiency, allowing you to sell high-quality dry hemp products to consumers faster.

2. Low cost drying: The heat pump type hemp dryer adopts heat pump technology, and the energy efficiency ratio (COP) is about 4, which is 4 times more energy-saving than ordinary electric drying equipment. At the same time, heat recovery system and host energy-saving sleep technology are adopted to greatly reduce power consumption.


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The Drying Principle of Hemp Drying equipment


1. The air is absorbed by the refrigerant dry evaporator.
2. The compressor compresses at high speed to increase the air temperature.
3. The hot air is condensed into water by the heat exchanger (condenser), and the high temperature gas is discharged into the drying chamber.
4. The hot air evenly distributes the heat to the hemp drying chamber through the circulating fan, so that the hemp can be dried and dehydrated quickly.

Principle of hemp drying machine

The Structure of The Heat Pump Hemp Drying Machine

The structure of the hemp heat pump drying system mainly includes a heat pump, a fan, a drying chamber, and an intelligent time and temperature control system. Based on the reverse Carnot principle, the energy in the air can be circulated, and the heat can be transferred to the drying room for efficient drying of materials (air temperature 18-80°C).

Structure of heat pump hemp drying equipment



2000KG Hemp Drying Solution

Large hemp drying machine

Analysis of 2000KG hemp drying plan:

△ The goal is to dry 2000KG fresh hemp;
△ Tray capacity: 3.5-4KG / Tray (1000*800mm);
△ Number of trays: 512 stainless steel trays and 16 baking carts,The total capacity of the Drying Chamber is expected to be 1792-2048KG;

△ Drying chamber size: Choose 11000 * 3600 * 2300 mm to accommodate 16 trolleys;
△ Drying chamber material: The surface is made of single-sided stainless steel, and the sandwich material is thermal insulation wallboard;

△ Heat pump machine: Choose the 2 unit DH-K15 model heat pump dryer, which provides a unit of 94KW heating capacity;
△ Fan specifications: 24 pcs 0.55KW fans are used, and the total air volume is 120000 m³/H.



What advantages can heat pump hemp drying machine provide you

Reduce the cost of hemp drying & improve the efficiency of hemp drying & obtain the sales advantage of hemp products
After drying, hemp can be manufactured into various products, and the owner has a huge sales market.
Hemp drying is an important process for processing hemp for further extraction. The original moisture of hemp usually reaches 85%, and the moisture must be dried to meet the requirements of various products in order to obtain high-quality products.

The traditional drying method is too slow and does not meet the huge market demand. At the same time, the traditional drying process is affected by the climate, and at the same time increases the risk of microelement pollution.

SIBIONO will provide you with a solution. With a suitable heat pump hemp drying equipment, you can create conditions for rapid drying.The heat pump cannabis drying system allows the cannabis to be dried thoroughly and quickly, which can provide higher quality products for processing or the market.

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