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    Guava roll hot air dryer - organic dried fruit dehydrator

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    Guangzhou, China

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    Fruit Drying Machine
  • Minimum Order Quantity:
    1 set
  • Price:
    FOB $6800-7300
  • Packaging Details:
    Plywood box
  • Delivery Time:
    10-15 day
  • Payment Terms:
    T / T
  • Supply Ability:
    50 set/ month
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100 kilogram guava with SIBIONO hot air dryer

Guava is a common tropical fruit, which can be eaten fresh or dried after slicing. Fresh guava has high moisture content and is easy to rot, which limits its long-term circulation in the market. For this problem, heat pump dryer can solve it perfectly. Besides,  It can be used as medicine after drying. It is a kind of Chinese herbal medicine. 
It can not only remove most of the water from fruits and vegetables, but also recover the energy of hot air and improve the energy utilization rate. Compared with the traditional dryer, the product dried by closed-loop dehumidification heat pump has better flavor and color quality. 
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 A drying  solution for drying 100 kg guava 

Food: Guava
Drying capacity: 75-150 kilogram
Recommended model: MH-72RD-30

Introductin of fruit drying equipment - MH-72RD-30                               
Power input: 5.3 KW
Power supply: 220V-1PH-50HZ (customizable)
Heating capacity: 11 KW
Dehydration rate: 10 L/H
Water removal capacity:20 L/H
Minimum temperature: 18 degree centigrate
Maxmium temperature: 75 degree centigrate
Size:3300*970*2200 mm
Tray:30 pcs
Trays size: 800*600*30 mm
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Drying procedure of guava drying machine

Raw guava selection → cleaning → slicing → salt water color protection → washing → scalding → pickling → drying → cooling → packaging → finished products

Tips for  guava drying
After guava pieces are pickled to the required sugar content, they can be rinsed with hot water to wash away the surface sugar, reduce viscosity and facilitate drying. Preserved guava is required to be translucent, shiny, light orange yellow to dark orange yellow, consistent color, uniform sugar penetration, full tissue, no obvious crude fiber, sweet and sour, and prominent original fruit flavor. Therefore, the total sugar content of good guava should be 60-65%, the total acidity should be 0.5-0.8%, and the moisture content should be 18-20%. In the drying process, the temperature can be controlled at 45-55 degrees. In order to facilitate moisture evaporation, the low-temperature drying time will be relatively long. In the intermediate stage, the machine can be stopped and softened naturally, so that the moisture moves outward, and the machine can be started again for drying. 

guava drying machine / fruit drying equipment / fruit dehydrator

Drying effect by using guava drying oven 

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