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    Ginger processing equipment - spices dryer machine with good price

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    Guangzhou, China

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    Vegetable Drying Machine
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    1 set
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    FOB $7500-8300
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    Plywood box
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    10-15 day
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    T / T
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    50 set/ month
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The drying oven that can dry 200kg ginger / turmeric


What is SIBIONO hot air dryer?

The heat pump dryer works through the compressor, drives the heat transfer working medium in the pipeline to absorb the heat in the external environment (heat in the air), compresses it to turn it into high-temperature and high-pressure gas, releases the heat into the drying room through the heat exchange device, and carries out continuous drying through the hot air circulation system. 
Let's see what this device is like.


But why choose sibiono ginger drying oven?

The biggest feature of heat pump dryer is energy saving. Compared with electric heating and heating tube equipment, it is very power-saving, completely intelligent, and can dry automatically without manual on-site care. It is very convenient to use and has no danger. 
Moreover, the heat pump dryer can greatly improve the production efficiency and reduce the drying cycle of ginger. In addition, the heat pump drying technology is hygienic and environment-friendly, and the operation cost is low. His energy efficiency ratio can reach 3.5 to 4.0.


Introduction of MH-72RD-60

Food :ginger / turmeric
Drying capacity: 150-300 kilogram
Recommended model: MH-72RD-60
Drying time: 12-15 hours

Details of MH-72RD-60
Power input: 5.3 KW
Power supply: 220V-1PH-50HZ (customizable)
Heating capacity: 11 KW
Dehydration rate: 10 L/H
Water removal capacity:20L/H
Minimum temperature: 18˚ C
Maxmium temperature: 75˚ C
Size:3600*1460*2200 mm
Tray:60 pcs
ginger dryer machine / spice drying equipment / ginger dryer designation
ginger dryer machine / ginger drying equipment / spice drying machine

The following shows the physical drawing of the equipment.

ginger drying oven/ drying drying equipment/ small spice dryer
ginger dryer machine / ginger drying equipment / spices dryer designation


How to use this dehydrator to dry ginger and turmeric?

Fresh tender ginger or turmeric is processed into dried ginger or turmeric slices, which can be further processed into other products. The processing process is as follows:
1. Material selection: select tender ginger or turmeric, remove rotten ginger and turmeric and wash it.
2. Peeling: use the mechanical peeling method to remove the thinner skin layer. You can use the drum cleaning machine. While cleaning, you will also wipe off the skin of the ginger and turmeric block, and then rinse off the ginger and turmeric skin with clean water.
3. Slicing: use manual or ginger  and turmeric slicer to slice the ginger and turmeric block according to a certain thickness, such as 4 ~ 5 mm thick. It is required to slice along the silk with uniform thickness.
4. Drying: the cut ginger slices shall be evenly spread on the automatic feeding machine immediately and enter the ginger and turmeric dryer for drying until the water content reaches 12 ~ 13%.
5. Packing: sealed with plastic bags to prevent moisture absorption and reserved for processing other products.
Ginger dryer machine / turmeric drying equipment / spaces drying oven


Ginger & turmeric Drying effect display

ginger drying effect/ turmeric drying equipment effect / spices dryer machine

Package and transportation

Our products are exported to various countries, such as India, Togo, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Vietnam, the Philippines, the United States, Brazil and so on.
dryer machine package / drying equipment shipping / drying oven portage