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    Industrial Tomato Drying Machine - Vegetable Dryer Good Price

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    Vegetables Drying Machine
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    1 set
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    FOB $18500
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    Plywood Box
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    10-15 Day
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    50 Set / month
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Industrial Tomato Drying Machine - Vegetable Dryer Good Price



How to dry 700KG fresh tomato slices? 

△ Customer needs for tomato dehydration:
1. Tomato shape: sliced (10-15mm)
2. Daily processing quantity: 700KG fresh tomato slices
3. Water content after drying: 18%

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△ Choose the right tomato drying equipment:
1. Recommended model: DH-K10
2. Energy: Electricity
3. Technology: heat pump technology
4. Power supply: 380V-3ph-50Hz (power converter can be customized)
5. Drying temperature: can be controlled at 18-75℃
6. Power consumption: 14.4KW/ h
7. Capacity: 640-800KG fresh tomato slices
8. Material: food contact points are all food-grade stainless steel trays
9. Number of trays: 320 pcs
10. Tray size: 800*600mm

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△ Tomato drying process reference:
1. Tomato drying temperature: 50-65℃
2. Tomato dehydration time: 16-20H
3. Tomato drying curve:
Stage 1: Drying + dehumidification 6-8H in a drying room environment at 60~65℃.
Stage 2: Drying + dehumidification 10-12H in a drying room environment at 50℃.



Detailed Parameters of Tomato Drying Machine

1. Input power of heat pump: 10KW / H
2. Heat pump heating capacity: 52KW / H
3. Total fan input power: 4.4KW / H
4. The total hot air volume of the fan: 40000m³ / H
5. Drying room size: 7000 * 3000 * 2300mm
6. Drying room capacity: can hold 10 trolleys + 320 tomato slice trays
7. Tray material: stainless steel material that meets food standards(Optional plastic tray)
8. Tray size: 800 * 600mm

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Take a look at the site where customers use tomato drying equipment

Tomato drying process, tomato drying equipment, tomato dehydration machine price

Advantages of Hot Air Tomato Dryer

1. Environmental protection: During the tomato drying process, no pollutants are discharged and the environment is not polluted.
2. Energy saving: using a small amount of electric energy to transport the heat energy in the air to the drying room, the energy consumption is 1/5 of the ordinary electric heating dryer; 1/6 of the gas dryer; 1/4 of the fuel dryer;
3. Not affected by the environment: -30℃ to 50℃, normal operation, under the condition of less than 0℃, an additional closed dehumidification system is added.
4. Intelligent: a unique programming system that can automatically and accurately control the drying time, temperature, and humidity.
5. Good drying effect: the dehydration method closest to natural drying, completely retains the color, taste, and nutrients of the food.
6. Easy installation: easy installation, our company provides installation video.
7. CE certification: in line with EU equipment standards.
8. Durability: up to 15 years of service life

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Services we provide

A. Technical service
1. Recommend the best drying model or customize the drying system service on demand.
2. Provide professional heating technical support for installation, commissioning and operation.
3. We provide spare parts and technical support during and after the warranty period.
4. Provide training courses for your workers in our factory or online.

B. After-sales service
1. Provide technical support for your installation, operation and maintenance.
2. One year warranty, you can pay for the extended warranty.
3. Provide spare parts and technical support at the most economical price after warranty.