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    Best potato dehydration machine with timer & temperature control

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    Guangzhou, China

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    Vegetable Drying Machine
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    1 set
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    Plywood box
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Best potato dehydration machine with timer & temperature control

Potato is a common food in people's life. There are many delicious foods made from potatoes, and potatoes can also be used to make potato chips and chips in the market, which is a kind of food loved by many young people.

What is SIBIONO potato hot air dryer?

The heat pump dryer is a new type of heat dehydrator device, which is mainly used in the drying and dehydration process of seafood, food, medicinal materials, wood, agricultural and sideline products, and industrial products.
Industrial heat pump drying system is mainly composed of Heat Pump and drying chamber. The energy efficiency ratio (COP) of our equipment can reach the standard of 3.5-4.0. It is a very energy-saving clothes dryer. 
You can clearly see the composition of the machine in the figure and video below.
food drying equipment / potato dehydrator / vegetable dryer machine
The following video shows a full view of SIBIONO potato drying equipment.


Working process of vegetable drying oven


Using the inverse Carnot principle, the air energy heat pump dryer absorbs the free heat in the air by relying on electric energy and transfers it to the drying room (input 1 degree of electric energy to produce 4 degrees of electric heat energy), so as to improve the temperature of the drying room and cooperate with the corresponding dehumidification equipment to dry the materials.

The air energy heat pump dryer consists of compressor, condenser (heater), throttling device (electronic expansion valve), evaporator (heat absorber), compressor and other devices to form a refrigeration cycle system. The refrigerant circulates in the system under the action of the compressor. It completes the pressure rise and temperature rise process of the gas in the compressor. After entering the condenser, it releases high-temperature heat to heat the air in the drying room. At the same time, it is cooled and transformed into liquid. When it runs to the evaporator, the liquid evaporates rapidly, absorbs heat and transforms into gas again, and the temperature decreases at the same time. This is the everfount of air around the evaporator. It is continuously transferred to refrigerants. Refrigerants circulate continuously to heat the air and move them to the drying room to heat up the air in the room to reach the level of dry materials.
vegetable drying machine / potato chip dehydrator / vegetable drying oven

Method for drying 600kg potato --- DH-K06 drying chamber

Food: Potato
Drying capacity: 600-750 kilogram
Suggested model: DH-K06

Details of DH-K06
Heating capacity:  26 KW
Coolong capacity:  20 KW
Dehydration rate:  20 L/H
Moisture removal capacity:  60 L/H
Power input:6 KW
Power supply: 380V-3PH-50HZ (customizable)
Temperature in drying chamber: 10-80 degree centigrade

potato dryer designation / vegetable drying chamber / food hot air dryer
vegetable drying machine / potato dehydrator / food dryer machine

How does a whole potato become dried potato via using hot air dryer?

1. Peeling: select high-quality potatoes that are complete and free from decay and deterioration. After washing, peel them with a peeler and dig out bud holes. If the scale is large, it can be peeled by chemical method.
2. Slicing: cut the peeled potatoes into 3.55mm thin slices and put them into clean water to prevent oxidation and discoloration.
3. Blanching: boil in 85-95 ℃ water for 1-2 minutes, remove it, cool it in clean water, and drain the surface water.
4. Drying: put the potato chips into the baking tray respectively and put them into the drying room for drying. In the early stage, fix the color with low temperature, set the temperature at about 40 ℃, and then raise the temperature slowly. In the later stage, the drying temperature is controlled at 60 ℃ - 70 ℃, and the water content of potato chips is required to be less than 10%.

potato dryer machine / vegetable dehydrator / food drying machine

The whole drying process of potato chips is mainly completed in four stages:
1. Select the drying + dehumidification mode, set the drying temperature to 40 ℃, the relative humidity of the drying room to 60%, and keep drying for 2 hours;
2. Select the drying + dehumidification mode, set the drying temperature to 50 ℃, the relative humidity of the drying room to 40%, and keep drying for 3 hours;
3. Select the drying + dehumidification mode, set the drying temperature to 60 ℃, the relative humidity of the drying room to 20%, and keep drying for 5 hours;
4. Select the drying + dehumidification mode, the drying temperature is set to 70 ℃, the relative humidity of the drying room is 15%, and the drying lasts for 8 hours.

Note: the above process is for reference only. Due to the different drying amount of each batch of potatoes, different potato slice thickness, different drying time and process, it needs to be treated according to specific requirements.


Display of drying effect of vegetable heat pump dryer

Food drying oven / vegetable drying equipment / potato dehydrator
potato drying effect / dried potato chips / vegetable dehydrator