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    Drying Spinach in a dehydrator & Industrial Vegetable Dryer

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    Drying Machine
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Drying Spinach in a Dehydrator & Industrial Vegetable Dryer

Hot air spinach drying equipment is a kind of drying room that absorbs heat from the air and radiates the heat to the drying room. The drying temperature range of the industrial spinach dryer is controlled at 18-75°C, which can be used to dry fish, fruit, vegetable dehydration, noodle dehydration and other foods. The drying efficiency is fast, very energy-saving, and the drying effect is good, and it can retain food nutrients, appearance, shape, and color.


How to quickly dry spinach with 500KG

1. Spinach specifications: page and stem
2. Drying target: 500KG fresh spinach / Batch
3. Water content of dried spinach: 10-13%

Dry spinach, freeze-dried spinach, sun-dried spinach, air-dried spinach in a dehydrator

△ A drying machine that can dry 500KG spinach is recommended:
1. Recommended model: DH-K06
2. Heat source: electricity
3. Heating technology: heat pump heating
4. Power supply: 220-1ph-50Hz / 380V-3ph-50Hz (can be customized according to the standards of different countries)
5. The temperature of the drying room: 18-75℃
6. Power consumption: 10.4KW/H
7. Capacity: 400-512KG fresh spinach
8.Control system: It can precisely control the time, temperature and humidity during the drying process of spinach.

Spinach drying equipment, spinach dehydration machine, spinach dryer price

Components of heat pump spinach drying equipment

1. The main body of the heat pump spinach drying system is composed of a heat pump drying machine and a drying chamber.
2. In the spinach dehydration process, high-temperature gas is generated by the scroll compressor, and a large amount of heat is transferred to the drying chamber through the heat exchanger.
3. A hot air blower with large air volume is used to evenly transmit the heat to all corners of the drying room to ensure the uniformity of drying. At the same time, large-scale hot air flow can speed up the process of vegetable dehydration.
4. Match the intelligent drying control system, accurately control the time, temperature, humidity and other indicators in the food drying process, and stabilize and control the drying curve and process.
5. Use stainless steel trolleys and stainless steel trays. Food standard stainless steel.

heat pump spinach drying equipment,spinach dryer price

Useful industrial vegetable dryer


1. Oven temperature: 15-75℃;
2. Food tray: material and size can be customized;
3. Dehydration effect: spinach will not crack, deform, do not change color, will never degenerate, will not oxidize, dry thoroughly, replenish water well, and maintain nutrients during the drying process;
4. Safety: no waste gas and waste heat pollution, low noise;
5. Energy saving: The heat pump technology is super energy-saving, with a COP value of 4, which saves operating costs;
6. Reliable control of the drying process: through the intelligent drying control system, the temperature and humidity in the roasting barn can be automatically and intelligently controlled, and the drying can be continued for 24 hours;
7. Good dehydration uniformity: The large air volume blower ensures that the hot air is transmitted to every corner of the drying room, and the spinach is dehydrated evenly.


Spinach Drying Effect Display

Spinach processing, spinach dehydration equipment, spinach drying process

CE certification of DH Series Food Drying Machine

CE drying equipment, CE certified food drying machine