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    Factory dedicate Okra dryer oven-vegetable dehydration machine

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    Guangzhou, China

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    Vegetable Drying Machine
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    1 set
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    FOB $39308
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    Plywood box
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    10-15 day
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    T / T
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    50 set/ month
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Factory dedicate Okra dryer oven-vegetable dehydration machine

Okra is known as the king of vegetables and has high economic and edible value. Therefore, the dryer used to dry okra must also be the best.
SIBIONO heat pump dryer has a good maintenance of dry materials, which can not only maintain the material content of raw materials, but also realize the whole production process unattended. Dry materials do not contain sulfur and consume less power. The thermal collector system is configured with condensation method for dehumidification, which has less heat loss and saves 70% power compared with pure electric heating.
The electrical control interface is clear and the operation is simple. The fault self inspection system can remotely determine the fault point in the system and realize a good use experience in the whole product production process of customers. The overall system is divided into single machine version Dual computer version and multi computer version can be redesigned and customized according to customer needs.

okra drying machine / okra drying oven / okra drying chamber / okra drying room


Components of okra drying chamber

The air energy heat pump dryer consists of compressor, condenser (heater), throttling device (electronic expansion valve), evaporator (heat absorber), compressor and other devices to form a refrigeration cycle system.

vegetable drying equipment / okra dehydration machine / okra dryer machine

How does the vegetable drying equipment work?

The refrigerant circulates in the system under the action of the compressor. It completes the pressure rise and temperature rise process of the gas in the compressor. After entering the condenser, it releases high-temperature heat to heat the air in the drying room. At the same time, it is cooled and transformed into liquid. When it runs to the evaporator, the liquid evaporates rapidly, absorbs heat and transforms into gas again, and the temperature decreases at the same time. This means that the air around the evaporator will be continuously transmitted to the refrigerant, and the refrigerant will circulate continuously to transport the heat in the air to the drying room, and the air in the heating room will reach the degree of drying materials.

vegetable dehydrator / okra dehydrator / food dryer machine


Okra drying scheme for reference

Food: Okra
Drying capacity: 1500-1700 kilograms
Recommended model : DH-K15-2
Drying time:  40-48  hours

Details of DH-15-2
Power input:  38.8 KW
Power supply: 380V-3PH-50HZ (customizable)
Heating capacity:  104 KW
Cooling capacity : 80 KW
Dehydration rate:  90 L/H
Minimum temperature: 18 degree centigrade
Maxmium temperature: 75 degree centigrade
Tray: 512 pcs
vegetable drying equipment / food dehydration / food drying oven

vegetable drying room / okra dehydrator / food drying chamber

Drying process of okra with food drying oven
1. Adjust the temperature to 50 ℃, turn on the fresh air system so that the okra will not turn black and dry for 24 hours.
2. Adjust the temperature of the heat pump drying dehumidifier to 60 ℃, start the fresh air system and continue drying for 24 hours. 
3. Then take it out, let it cool for a while and pack it right away. 
okra drying / okra dehydration machine / vegetable drying oven

Different okra thickness leads to different dehydration time. The thinner the okra is cut, the shorter the dehydration time. On the contrary, the thicker the okra film, the longer the dehydration time. And due to the water content of okra is relatively high, up to 80%, so the drying time is relatively long. The temperature should be controlled during the drying process, otherwise the effect of beautiful hue cannot be achieved.

From the experience of our customer, the okra dried in the medium temperature section can preserve the original nutritional components of the article. After drying, the skin of okra is still original green, which has achieved a very ideal effect in terms of color and nutritional value.
Besides, as the dry okra tablets will recover moisture in direct contact with air, they need to be sealed. If vacuum packaging is used to pack okra, the color and aroma of okra tablets can be better preserved.

okra / okra dehydrator / vegetable drying chamber

Drying effect display
okra drying / dried okra / okra dehydrator / okra drying oven / okra drying machine