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Red Spot Fish Test Report - All-in-one Fish Drying Equipment

Red Spot Fish Test Report - All-in-one Fish Drying Equipment  

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Drying process of using fish dehydrator to dry freshwater fish

Before drying 
1. Freshwater fish pretreatment
First remove the fish scales, then cut open the abdomen with a knife, remove the internal organs, wash the blood and intra-abdominal membrane (black membrane).

2. Salt curing
According to the size of the fish body to determine the amount of salt, generally 18 to 24 kg of salt per 100 kg of fish. Less in winter and spring, more in summer and autumn. When pickling, the salt will be evenly rubbed in the fish body, gills, swallowing knife, eye and fishing hole. Then placed in the pickling pool, flesh side up, fish scales down, fish head slightly lower, fish tail upward, diagonally, layer by layer. After 2 to 3 hours, the fish body shrinkage to flush with the mouth of the pool, and then sprinkle a layer of sealing salt, and cover the surface with a bamboo sheet, stone pressure. Make the fish body immersed in brine, fully absorb the salt and take off the water. In summer, you can also avoid flies on the fish body maggots.

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3. De-salting
Pickled raw materials, directly immersed in water or rinsed in running water to remove the salt, note that you can not rinse in water excessively, the surface salt washed away. De-salting treatment for drying, in order to prevent the concentration of salt on the surface of the fish body is too high, to prevent the product color and color deterioration, so the salted and semi-salted method of pickling with impregnation, should be made before drying water washing treatment.

While drying 
1. Select the constant temperature dehumidification mode (this mode should be used until the end of drying), first set the temperature to 28±3°C and humidity to 10%. The duration of this stage of drying is 3 hours.
2. The temperature of the second stage was set to 40±3
°C and the humidity was set to 13% for 15 hours of continuous drying.
3. The last stage adjusts the temperature to 55±3
°C, the humidity is set to 10%, and the duration of drying is 2 hours.
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Red spot fish can be dried to a semi-dry state in 20 hours in alternating hot and cold air drying mode, and the taste is closer to that of fresh fish.

1. The starting temperature should be controlled between 20-28℃ and the maximum temperature should not exceed 55℃. The color will remain intact after drying.

2. Drying process at the same time to control the moisture and drying speed is not too fast, in the drying process to maintain a larger air volume and wind speed to avoid water vapor stay on the surface of the material, baked until the fish belly gills can not squeeze moisture.

3. Using a combination of cold and hot air drying, drying cycle control in about 30-42 hours, because it is low-temperature cold air drying, freshwater fish do not need high salt curing, and low-temperature drying process of freshwater fish do not need to rewet, no need to rehydrate salt absorption, a drying in place, aroma, good taste, more chewy.