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Use Chili Drying Machine to Dehydrate Pepper - Chili Test Report

Use Chili Drying Machine to Dehydrate Pepper - Chili Test Report

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Technology of drying pepper with vegetable hot air dryer

1. Stacking thickness
Chili stacking thickness strive to be consistent, generally 20 ~ 30 cm is appropriate, stacking too thin, good permeability, wind resistance is small, although conducive to heat exchange, but the contact time of hot air and pepper relatively shortened, low heat utilization rate, if stacking too thick, the resistance to increase too, hot air can not penetrate the layer, drying effect is poor.

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2. Drying temperature
Chili raw material moisture content is very high, generally 75% to 85%. Quaneng chili dryer temperature is set to 40 ℃ - 60 ℃ hot air drying, at first the relative air temperature is lower than 70%, after 5 hours the relative air humidity drops to below 52%, and after 12 hours, the relative air humidity is all lower than 40%. Therefore, the productivity of pepper drying operation is mainly determined by the temperature of the pepper itself, rather than the hot air moisture-carrying and moisture-removing capacity, from the perspective of ensuring that the nutritional composition of the pepper is not affected after drying and improving productivity, it is appropriate to take 60℃-70℃ as the hot air temperature for drying pepper.

3. Drying model
Segmented drying is a superior method for drying chili peppers at present, that is, the moisture content of 75% an 85% of the chili peppers, the first time to dry chili peppers to 50% moisture content stepping pile sweating, and then the second drying.
Stepping on the pile of sweat in the chili drying process is a very important step, whether to use this step on the quality of chili and drying time, drying volume have a great impact. Chili peppers have obvious softening and swelling phenomenon during the drying process. The main function of stepping on the pile of sweat is to temper the quality, make the chili oil penetrate to the surface, the drying chili color is consistent, red and smooth, and promote the chili moisture content tends to balance. If you don't do pile-stepping sweating, drying 1000 kg of chili pepper, hot air temperature 40 ℃ -60 ℃ need time 63 hours, after pile-stepping sweating can be shortened to about 40 hours, and flower yellow shell significantly reduced. After the second drying is finished, you can get the finished dried chili pepper with high quality.

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Chili peppers contain more than ten nutrients. Some of these ingredients are easily lost and destroyed at high temperatures, so it is not advisable to choose a higher hot air temperature in order not to reduce the nutrients.

If the water content of chili is around 80%, a large amount of water will be released and discharged when drying, which will directly affect the character of chili after drying. Therefore, we should pay attention to strengthen the management of ventilation and moisture discharge, so as to maintain a stable and suitable water loss rate of chili peppers. The control of ventilation and moisture discharge is based on the standard of wet and dry temperature difference, generally the wet bulb temperature is maintained at 38~39℃, and the temperature difference is kept above 6℃ (not including 6℃).