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Ginger Test Report- New Technology Patented Spice Drying Oven


Ginger Test Report - New Technology Patented Ginger Drying Equipment

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How to use spice dehydrator to dry ginger and turmeric?

Before drying
1. Material selection: select tender ginger or turmeric, remove rotten ginger and turmeric and wash it.
2. Peeling: use the mechanical peeling method to remove the thinner skin layer. You can use the drum cleaning machine. While cleaning, you will also wipe off the skin of the ginger and turmeric block, and then rinse off the ginger and turmeric skin with clean water.
3. Slicing: use manual or ginger  and turmeric slicer to slice the ginger and turmeric block according to a certain thickness, such as 4 ~ 5 mm thick. It is required to slice along the silk with uniform thickness.

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While drying
Because the ginger slices are relatively thin, the drying process only needs to be set in one stage to complete the drying.
First, select drying+dehumidification mode, then set the temperature to 60±2 degrees Celsius and humidity to 10% for 6 hours.

After drying
Packing: sealed with plastic bags to prevent moisture absorption and reserved for processing other products.
Using SIBIONO spice drying machine to dry ginger slices, the moisture content of the slices can be reduced to 3.98% in 6 hours, which is efficient.
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ginger drying oven, ginger drying chamber, ginger heat pump dryer