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Which kind of drying equipment should I choose to dry 350KG chili?
Which drying machine should I choose for drying 150KG fish?
Which drying machine should I choose for drying 150KG of mangoes?
Which food dryer should I choose for drying 100KG banana chips?

We provide you with small food drying solutions.

This drying program recommends small industrial drying equipment for you, suitable for small factories and households.

If you are looking for large-scale drying equipment with a capacity of 500-5000KG, you can refer to the
solutions of large-scale commercial drying machines to provide your factory with the best equipment for mass drying production.
Introduction of Small Heat Pump Food Drying Machine

The Small Heat Pump Food Dryer is a movable industrial food dryer, suitable for commercial and household use, without installation. The dryer adopts heat pump technology, which is a very energy-saving dryer with an energy efficiency ratio (COP) value of 4.

The drying equipment adopts medium and low temperature drying method, which is suitable for all foods whose drying temperature is lower than 75℃. It can quickly dehydrate foods, vegetables, fish, grains, seafood, spices, etc. The dehydrated food can completely retain the original color, shape and nutrients of the food.

Advantages of Small food Drying Machine

1. This small heat pump food drying equipment is mainly composed of a heat pump dryer and a drying chamber.

2. In the food drying process, the high-temperature and high-pressure gas produced by the compressor enters the condenser to release heat, and the heat is sent into the room through the circulating fan. The temperature will reach 18-75°C.

3.The dehumidification system is equipped with a heat recovery device. The recovered heat is used for fresh air preheating, which can ensure the temperature stability of the dry chamber. At the same time, fresh air preheating can save 60-70% of energy consumption.

4. The hot air circulates advection in the drying room, and the drying is more even and thorough.

5. The heat pump is controlled by a smart touch screen computer version, which can accurately control the temperature, humidity and drying time of the drying room. Multiple drying plans can be flexibly configured to make the drying process of food completely controllable and produce high-quality dry goods.

6.It is equipped with 15-60 food-grade stainless steel trays, which are resistant to high temperature, corrosion and easy to use.

Small drying oven-heat pump food drying equipment

Capacity selection guide

Examples of 800 * 600mm pallet capacity:
△ Chili: 6-8kg / trays
△ Mango slices: 2-3kg / trays
△ Banana chips: 1-3kg / trays
△ Fish: 3-5kg / trays


Reasons for this difference in capacity:
△ The weight difference of different foods;
△ Different food placement methods are different. Some foods can be stacked, and some foods cannot be stacked;
△ Different processing specifications of the same kind of food, slicing, dicing, thickness difference, etc.


Factors affecting drying time

△Water content of food
△The sugar content of food
△ The size of the food
△The temperature used when drying food
△The ambient temperature of the dryer is high or low
△The water-locking density of the food surface

Example:Fish Drying Test Report
△After drying the surface of fish have a lot of salt,we can wash the salt and then start to dry.                        
The size of fish is different,the result of each fish is different after drying,the small fish can dry more quickly        

The moisture content of the fish before drying is 58.7%.
The moisture content of the fish after drying is 30.74%.
The total time consumption is 18H, and the total power consumption is 144KW. For detailed drying data, see the figure below.

Drying plan for medium and large fish

Fish dryer-drying test report

Fish drying test report

Fish dryer-drying test report

Before Fish Drying

Fish drying machine

After Fish Drying

Fish dehydrator dryer


30 trays and 60 trays & drying effect display
Drying effect of heat pump dryer