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Fresh Fig Drying Process& Dried Fig Drying Equipment / Oven



Working principle of fig drying machine

The air energy heat pump dryer is a new type of drying device. It mainly uses the reverse Carnot principle. The gas freon is pressurized by the compressor to become high temperature and high pressure gas (temperature up to 100), which enters the heat exchanger (condenser) on the indoor side ), the refrigerant is condensed and liquefied to release high-temperature heat to heat the air in the drying room.

fig drying equipment / fig dehydrator / fruit drying oven

Fig Dehydration Process & Heat Pump Fig Dryer Machine

The initial water content of figs is 75%.
The water content of figs after dehydration is 15-18%.

Fig drying process:

1. The drying temperature is 55, the time is set to 1 hour, the dehumidification does not start, and the focus is on increasing the temperature.
2. The drying temperature is 60, the time is set to 8 hours, the dehumidification is turned on, and the humidity is controlled.
3. The drying temperature is 65, the time is set to 8 hours, and the dehumidification is continuously increased, which can be controlled in conjunction with the time.
4. The drying temperature is 68, the time is set to 1 hour, the relative humidity at this time is controlled within 20%, and it can automatically stop after completion.

fig drying equipment / fig drying room / fig drying chamber