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Dry Sardine Before Making Fish Can - Fish Dryer Machine



What is sardine hot air dryer?

The heat pump dryer is a new type of heat dehydrator device, which is mainly used in the drying and dehydration process of seafood, food, medicinal materials, wood, agricultural and sideline products, and industrial products.
Industrial heat pump drying system is mainly composed of Heat Pump and drying chamber. The energy efficiency ratio (COP) of our equipment can reach the standard of 3.5-4.0. It is a very energy-saving clothes dryer. 
You can clearly see the composition of the machine in the figure below.

food drying machine / fish dehydrator / food drying equipment


How does it work?

After knowing the composition of the machine, you may ask how it works. Here's the answer.
1) During the fruit drying process, the high temperature and high pressure gas produced by the compressor enters the condenser
    to release heat, and the heat is sent into the room through the circulating fan. The temperature will reach 10-80°C.
2) The air at outdoor ambient temperature is heated by the heat recovery device before entering the drying room, and then
    enters the drying room after heating. This design can save 60-70% of energy consumption and ensure the temperature
    stability of the fruit drying room.
3) The hot air is convectively circulated in the entire fruit drying room through a large air volume circulating fan to make the
    drying more even and thorough.
4) The fruit delivery cart is made of galvanized square material or stainless steel, which is resistant to high temperatures.

drying machine / food drying equipment / fish drying chamber