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Dry Tropical Fruits With Drying Oven - Food Dehydrator For Sale


Working Principle of fruit dehydration

The heat pump dryer uses a small amount of electric energy to drive the heat pump compressor to operate. Through the evaporator, compressor, condenser and expansion valve of the heat pump device, the working fluid is continuously evaporated, compressed, condensed, throttled, and evaporated. The circulation process transfers a large amount of solar thermal energy scattered in the air environment to the heat required for drying in the drying room.

Through the fan with large air volume, heat is transferred to the entire drying chamber, the moisture of the food is vaporized and evaporated, and the evaporated water vapor is discharged from the dehumidification system to achieve the purpose of drying the material.

The dehumidification system is equipped with a heat recovery device, and the recovered heat is used for fresh air heating, which can save 70% of the energy consumption of fresh air preheating.

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