China Drying Machine


The secret of factory fruit drying - apple, lemon / food dryer



△The structure of the apple drying system

1) Heat pump apple dryer that provides heat
2) Insulation and drying room composed of cold storage boards
3) Circulating fan to accelerate the circulation of hot air
4) Stainless steel trolleys and stainless steel trays for placing fresh apple slices
5) The intelligent drying control system controls the time, temperature and humidity of the drying process.
apple drying machine / lemon dehydrator / fruit dryer machine


How do fresh apple slices dry quickly?


In just two simple steps, you can make dried apple slices with excellent color and flavor.
1. Color protection: Put the cut apple slices in 3%~5% salt water to protect the color of the slices to avoid oxidation and browning;
2. Drying: the temperature of the drying room is set at 60+/-2℃, and the drying time: 6-10 hours.
dried apple / apple drying oven / apple drying chamber / apple hot air dryer