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Tomato Drying Oven & Vegetable Drying Guide



Advantages of Hot Air Tomato Dryer

1. Environmental protection: During the tomato drying process, no pollutants are discharged and the environment is not polluted.
2. Energy saving:using a small amount of electric energy to transport the heat energy in the air to the drying room, the energy consumption is 1/5 of the ordinary electric heating dryer; 1/6 of the gas dryer; 1/4 of the fuel dryer;
3. Not affected by the environment: -30℃ to 50℃, normal operation, under the condition of less than 0℃, an additional closed dehumidification system is added.
4. Intelligent: a unique programming system that can automatically and accurately control the drying time, temperature, and humidity.
5. Good drying effect: the dehydration method closest to natural drying, completely retains the color, taste, and nutrients of the food.
6. Easy installation:easy installation, our company provides installation video.

7. CE certification: in line with EU equipment standards.
8. Durability: up to 15 years of service life.

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