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What is multifunctional vegetable dehydrator?
SIBIONO multifunctional vegetable dehydrator is a new type of high-efficiency and energy-saving drying equipment. Its working principle is to adjust the temperature and humidity according to the characteristics of drying materials according to the principle of reverse Carnot cycle. It has a high degree of intelligence. There is no need for special personnel to watch the drying process. After the materials are dried or the drying temperature reaches, the unit will shut down automatically to achieve energy-saving effect. The unit operates under normal temperature and pressure, and its characteristics are reflected in energy saving. Its energy saving is 50% more than that of electric heating tube infrared, 40% more than that of oil burning, 30% more than that of coal burning, and 1 degree of electricity is used as 4 degrees of electricity.

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Components of heat pump spinach drying equipment

1. The main body of the heat pump spinach drying system is composed of a heat pump drying machine and a drying chamber.
2. In the spinach dehydration process, high-temperature gas is generated by the scroll compressor, and a large amount of heat is transferred to the drying chamber through the heat exchanger.
3. A hot air blower with large air volume is used to evenly transmit the heat to all corners of the drying room to ensure the uniformity of drying. At the same time, large-scale hot air flow can speed up the process of vegetable dehydration.
4. Match the intelligent drying control system, accurately control the time, temperature, humidity and other indicators in the food drying process, and stabilize and control the drying curve and process.
5. Use stainless steel trolleys and stainless steel trays. Food standard stainless steel.

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